Today is one of those days that I just dont want to get out of bed A photo can say more than a thousands words and what I feel today can be described by looking at the photos above Laptop between the sheets a warm chocolate and my phone on the side Simple things make me happy

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Winter in Swedish Lapland Last winter we headed to the far North for an adventure along glistening ice covered roads through snow covered forests and past some of the most breathtaking homes and cabins we have ever seen to take in the beauty of Swedish Lapland Here is a selection of photos from our travels to ins

I dont usually like to do super personal posts on here but I wanted to be honest through all of the rose tinted latte art insta shots that life just aint that perfect Right now Im in a self shut down mode My boyfriend just moved to Jakarta for 6 months and my mood has been on a steady decline alongside my health and Ive gone from cancelling dinner plans to cancelling life and staying at home I constantly feel like I might burst into tears and I feel really quite pathetic as someone who coped independently sans boyfriend for a whole 24 years of my life what the hell has happened to me I should point out that in general this time of year gets me down A few years ago I was suffering bad with stress and anxiety which ended in a nervous breakdown and me being signed off work ohhhh about 2 days before christmas excellent timing I spent most of that christmas day in my room crying over a particularly rude text from a colleague but we wont get into that one now! Lets just say this time of year brings back bad memories and Im not sure if its just all of the people or all of the plans but something makes me want to quietly back out of the room and close the door on my social life So back to now I just face timed with my boyfriend so obviously Im looking at flights to Jakarta and planning my move but realistically I just went full time blogging and whilst people say but you can work from anywhere you really cant not long term anyway So here I am miserable and thousands of miles away from my literal other half I feel split in two and havent eaten a proper meal other than chocolate since before Christmas day I know it sounds silly but even when he was here I was mourning my loss and for that I cant forgive myself Those last few days I was moody and miserable because I knew I was losing him and now hes actually gone all I can think is you stupid cow you wasted those days Anyway this has completely turned into one huge rant pitty party which it totally wasnt meant to be I just wanted to kind of give you an insight into the other side of my life because right now Im living precariously through perfectly posed instagrams because otherwise Id be posting a box of tissues and chocolate wrappers and no one wants to see that Im giving myself until 2017 to mope and be miserable then Im sorting myself and being a total girlboss so its ok to mope until then right! ! ME Facebook Twitter Youtube Bloglovin

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Nearly every single pet dog proprietor understands that taking good care of Doggy is just not uncomplicated. Also canines are named guy's best friend for Several Superb reasons. We now have a bent to really feel of pet dogs as loyal and we cherish their capability to present unconditional love. It can be our obligation to provide them with the most effective in return for his or her warm and loving presence. This would be the motive why the as noticed on Television Harness is an outstanding present to provide to your dog.  Its design and style renders it incredibly unique. Comfort and ease is probably going one of the main characteristic of the cozy Management harness. Exclusively with regards to pulling your dog Pet over the park. Other Pet dog collars are certainly not style Similarly so they can stimulate difficulty for your pet dog.  The as found on Tv set Regulate Harness is unique from other Canine harnesses which is advertising to choose from... many of the important motive why It can be fantastic is - it's going to take in concern your Doggy's ease and comfort and make specified all of its body sections usually are not limited when Placing about the harness. What This suggests is the subsequent time you are taking your Canine with a stroll it is not going to feel pressure While using the pulling that may cause damage to its throat.  This assists transfer the strain away from a Doggy's throat and scatter the pressure all over the shoulders plus the neck. With this method the neck muscles aren't obtaining the hefty hitting. Contrary to other Pet dog collars, this as seen on Television Harness is elastic and versatile. When it's time for you to use it your dog, it adjusts automatically to the form of your dogs fairly swiftly.  What about in case you reside in pieces the place the temperature receives essentially warm. Many people is aware as soon as the area round the Doggy's neck is closed off to motion the Pet dog will never continue to be great. You might want a collar that let air to flow into Hence the Pet will remain great in the event the temperature is high, adequately comfy Handle as found on Tv harness presents that.  You by no means have to worry about collars becoming as well limited or much too loose. This as seen on TV harness as soon as put on will match your dog wonderful. So relaxation guarantee that your dog will not be limited in in any case or choke because the collar is simply too restricted.  Your Pup will have utterly full flexibility to maneuver about. Your pet can value staying out over a stroll or fidgeting with it's toys. The Comfy Manage Harness promotes superior wholesome practice to your Doggy by massaging the muscles as a means to distribute the tension in other areas of your body.  Whether your dog Doggy is a small young pup or perhaps a major Doggy there is a dimensions readily available for them. So such things as age or measurement Will not truly make any difference given that the Comfortable Management Harness can be purchased in each individual dimensions and form. Like human not all canines are similar size so you need something which will tailor made healthy your Doggy. In order that's precisely what this harness offers.  This is unquestionably generating buzz and consumers are speaking about accurately how much it helps them with their pet dog. It's one of many gifts you'll give to your Pet this year that it'll delight in in lieu of regret. Make sure you make sure to keep the Puppy dog satisfied and healthy by buying the Comfy Regulate Harness.   

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