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The current conflict on the planet's latest nation, South Sudan, is heartbreaking and despicable. Three many years ago, South Sudanese have participated in free and good election. They turnout in exceeding numbers and voted with the highest percentage in referendum for separation. That marked the end of their longest struggle to succeed in independence from the oppressive centralized Khartoum authorities.  South Sudanese individuals of any age, from distinctive tribes, all celebrated with the earth in that remarkable minute in history. From the state, small children were being giggling, Women of all ages have been ululating and Males have been howling, all in celebration. Every person took delight in that minute as it was a victory realized in peaceful and effortless democratic method. It had been an incredible indicator of hope for brighter long run.  Compared with most African countries, South Sudan's independence wasn't attributed exclusively to revolution. After many years of civil wars, there have been a lot of destruction, dead and setbacks but there was no victory. Most of all, no liberty or independence was reached by war.  Because the accomplishment of South Sudan's independence can't be claimed by any team army or political bash or leaders. South Sudanese have collectively contributed to it as persons's fingerprints are published throughout it as they voted within the referendum. Following the referendum, men and women recognized They are really on the same site as they all required precisely the same factor. Regardless of their dissimilarities, they all wanted peace and liberty.  Through democracy, any issue, significant or tiny, can be solved with out unneeded violence. It is an easy tested fact. South Sudanese felt democracy and so they favored it. Popular curiosity is often accomplished via this method. Democracy could be the folks's ally but it's worse enemy of politicians who only care regarding their private political interest to achieve or maintain power by any necessarily mean probable, In particular the leaders of South Sudan. They use violence to achieve political ambitions. They may be the basis causes of the present crisis while in the region.  The political leaders of South Sudan haven't learnt everything from setbacks of war. When they have throwing away decades from the brutal and longest civil war in African record, they've attained nothing at all but dropped just after missing in several factors. The achievement of complete peace arrangement along with the democratic election was alleged to open their sight to just take off their Military uniforms and wear diplomatic satisfies. They could not improve as they've bounced the country back again into One more war.  South Sudanese are killing each other for The 2 most significant egos within the place, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Salva is definitely the President of South Sudan. He is the only president because independence. At first, he was President of The federal government of Southern Sudan and the main Vp of Sudan, from 2005 to 2011. On the flip side, Riek was Salva's vice due to the fact 2005. He was fired couple months in the past from his posture by his boss. Riek is currently main a rebellion towards Salva just after he has allegedly failed to overthrow him through coup attempt in on thirty day period back. Salva and Riek go way again. They have never observed eye to eye. They ended up founding fathers on the ruling political bash, the Sudan Men and women Liberation Motion (SPLM). They were best position commanders as founders on the evolutional army, the Sudan People today Military (SPLA) Because the revolution began a long time ago. Despite the fact that They're through the same political social gathering and not long ago served in exactly the same federal government, They only tend not to get alongside.  Salva is from Dinka tribe (the most important tribe during the state) and Riek is from Nuer tribe, (the 2nd most significant tribe inside the nation). The rivalry amongst these two tribes has existed due to the fact their existence. There was lingering tribal contention and struggle for ability waiting for being brought on. Dinka people are supporting Salva and government. Nuer men and women are combat joined Riek and the rebellion. The war has three Proportions. Fight in between Salva and Riek, or authorities from rebels, and Dinka in opposition to Nuer. The war would change into genocide if not stopped right away. Salva and Riek manipulate and mislead their Military and tribal members for their own political aims. They don't have the best interest in their persons and do not treatment with regards to their region. Salva want to remain in power by drive. Riek want to return in ability by power.  Any political discrepancy is often solved peacefully by tranquil dialogue or cost-free and truthful election. Why would not Salva and Riek provide forward whatsoever troubles or difference between them to the public or customers of their bash to vote on it?  The discrepancy commenced just after Riek was terminated from his important place as Vice of Salva. Ironically he is now gunning for advertising. Then again, the conflict escalated just after fight started out from Salva's presidential guards, his own army that he has established to safeguard him from the posture of ability. The guard is made up predominantly of Dinka and Nuer. The Dinka soldiers are faithful to Salva as well as Nuer troopers are loyal to Riek.  They simply never mix when their chief do not get together. The underside line, both equally leaders want to possess quite possibly the most power by drive. It can be own point for them. They do not treatment with regards to their Military, tribe or maybe the country. If Salva cares, he would've invested in building Countrywide Guard to guard the citizens on the region and when Riek is best different to guide the place, he would've awaited election interval in 2015 to acquire his probability.  My message towards the Dinka and Nuer Neighborhood, as well as the people today of South Sudan:  • Prevent supporting this conflict by not selecting aspect of Salva or Riek. Do not destroy or die for their egos and starvation for electrical power. It is not your war. You would probably achieve nothing but shed everything from it.  

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