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The existing conflict on the planet's latest country, South Sudan, is heartbreaking and despicable. A few a long time ago, South Sudanese have participated in free of charge and truthful election. They turnout in exceeding numbers and voted with the highest share in referendum for separation. That marked the tip in their longest wrestle to reach independence from the oppressive centralized Khartoum federal government.  South Sudanese persons of any age, from various tribes, all celebrated with the whole world in that amazing minute in historical past. While in the nation, small children have been giggling, Women of all ages have been ululating and Males have been howling, all in celebration. Everyone took satisfaction in that moment mainly because it was a victory accomplished in peaceful and easy democratic system. It absolutely was an awesome indication of hope for brighter long term.  Not like most African international locations, South Sudan's independence was not attributed entirely to revolution. Right after a long time of civil wars, there were plenty of destruction, useless and setbacks but there was no victory. Most importantly, no freedom or independence was obtained as a result of war.  Since the accomplishment of South Sudan's independence cannot be claimed by any team army or political celebration or leaders. South Sudanese have collectively contributed to it as persons's fingerprints are penned around it because they voted inside the referendum. Following the referendum, people recognized they are on precisely the same page as they all wanted the same detail. Inspite of their dissimilarities, all of them desired peace and freedom.  By democracy, any trouble, major or little, might be solved without needless violence. It is a straightforward tested truth. South Sudanese felt democracy and they preferred it. Widespread desire is often reached as a result of this method. Democracy is definitely the individuals's best friend but it is worse enemy of politicians who only treatment about their individual political desire to gain or sustain power by any suggest probable, Specifically the leaders of South Sudan. They use violence to achieve political ambitions. They can be the root brings about of the current crisis in the place.  The political leaders of South Sudan have not learnt anything from setbacks of war. After they have wasting a long time while in the brutal and longest civil war in African heritage, they may have achieved absolutely nothing but shed soon after missing in lots of areas. The results of detailed peace agreement along with the democratic election was purported to open up their sight to consider off their Military uniforms and have on diplomatic fits. They might not change as they've got bounced the state back again into A different war.  South Sudanese are killing each other for The 2 most important egos during the state, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Salva is definitely the President of South Sudan. He continues to be the sole president because independence. To begin with, he was President of the Government of Southern Sudan and the very first Vice President of Sudan, from 2005 to 2011. Alternatively, Riek was Salva's vice considering that 2005. He was fired several months back from his placement by his manager. Riek is at this time primary a rebellion from Salva soon after he has allegedly did not overthrow him through coup endeavor in on month ago. Salva and Riek go way back again. They haven't found eye to eye. They had been founding fathers on the ruling political social gathering, the Sudan People today Liberation Movement (SPLM). They were highest position commanders as founders of your evolutional Military, the Sudan Folks Military (SPLA) Considering that the revolution began decades ago. Even though They're with the identical political bash and not long ago served in the same govt, They simply will not get along.  Salva is from Dinka tribe (the most important tribe while in the region) and Riek is from Nuer tribe, (the next most significant tribe inside the state). The rivalry in between these two tribes has existed considering the fact that their existence. There was lingering tribal competition and struggle for energy ready to get induced. Dinka men and women are supporting Salva and government. Nuer men and women are struggle joined Riek and also the rebellion. The war has a few dimensions. Fight between Salva and Riek, or authorities against rebels, and Dinka from Nuer. The war would change into genocide if not stopped right away. Salva and Riek manipulate and mislead their army and tribal associates for their private political ambitions. They do not have the best interest in their individuals and do not treatment about their region. Salva want to remain in power by drive. Riek want to come back in electrical power by force.  Any political discrepancy might be solved peacefully by means of tranquil dialogue or no cost and good election. Why will not Salva and Riek convey ahead whatever issues or difference between them to the general public or associates in their social gathering to vote on it?  The discrepancy commenced soon after Riek was terminated from his treasured situation as Vice of Salva. Ironically He's currently gunning for advertising. On the other hand, the conflict escalated after fight began from Salva's presidential guards, his particular army that he has made to protect him inside the posture of power. The guard is composed mainly of Dinka and Nuer. The Dinka troopers are faithful to Salva and the Nuer troopers are faithful to Riek.  They simply don't combine when their chief tend not to get alongside. The bottom line, both of those leaders want to own one of the most electricity by power. It can be particular detail for them. They don't care with regards to their Military, tribe or even the country. If Salva cares, he would have invested in developing Nationwide Guard to shield the citizens in the country and if Riek is best alternate to lead the country, he might have awaited election period in 2015 to acquire his opportunity.  My information on the Dinka and Nuer Group, along with the people of South Sudan:  • End supporting this conflict by not selecting side of Salva or Riek. Never eliminate or die for their egos and starvation for electrical power. It's not at all your war. You'd get absolutely nothing but lose every thing from it.  

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