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Caballeros la mezclilla o denim no es un material exclusivo para pantalones hoy en da vemos varias prendas hechas con este material o similares que dan un look rudo desaliado y por qu no decirlo bastante atractivo Una de las prendas que no puede faltar en tu armario es sin duda una b

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I  An incredible turtle elevated up his head-  through the dim, but crimson underbelly  of your inner Earth, His stone like head,  and deep gray eyes of despair-stared,  just stared with a very long poiso'd tongue hung.  "Cruel, jealous, selfish are Gentlemen,"  He stated that has a failing grin....  His outer human body (casing), charred,  from your molten heat with the earth.  "What are your sorrows?" questioned  Male to this big determine.  The nice Mud Turtle replied:  "I are not able to hold or balance the earth  any longer, there's an excessive amount concrete,  streets, structures, wars, bombs, the  shifting of balance through the entire world,  It is breaking my back again, its penetrating  my hide, its tormenting my character,  I treatment not to be bondage bound!"  But Guys on this planet would not comply  nevertheless asked yet again "Why?"  II  "Adore seeketh not alone to please  nor will it care for by itself; and I,  I have loved thee (even even though in despair;  for earth, and man are bond as a single, I,  very well, I am simply a mud turtle, watcher  of your harmony, among male and earth,  for I and earth are bond, for earth is  mud, and guy is soil, we all are just one.)  So, Sure-you see, I've beloved thee  even when in despair, even when getting  trodden more than by your significant feet,  and you still, only seeketh, self to you should,  even in the middle of An additional reduction; Consequently,  everyday living to gentleman is just not sacred, only him: despite  heaven or hell, he will not bend.  (The old turtle took within a deep breath,  He was fatigued, then continued :)  "He has long been presented spring for Pleasure, sweet  mornings to bear, flowers to mature  around him for beauty. Doesn't he  sow evening for rest, plow his goals  devoid of distress? This my Mate, is  due to harmony, me, as well as moon,  plus the Solar, plus the earth, as well as the  heavens, and perhaps hell, for heaven  places out their nightmares."  III  Soon after Listening to this, men of earth  release The nice Mud Turtle, from his  binding chains, in the name of liberty-;  hoping He'd regain his contentment  (but he was long gone, to not be found)-,  and therefore, the stability with the earth  wobbled to and fro, off its axis, and  earth quakes, hurricanes, volcanic action,  and far, considerably more, identified as purely natural disasters  prevailed within the globe (glaciers melted,  mountains fell, oceans roared, and also the skies  flamed like hell) and afterwards, then gentleman realized,  he experienced cursed himself, for this kind of foolish labor...  unchaining the Mud Turtle, contacting him the Satan-  and then arrived the eternal Wintertime, there was no  warmth while in the air-nor did rain tumble,  to male's appall...!  IV  A prophet arrived upon the earth  (in its hindering seventh Wintertime)  explained to man:  "Beneath a kind of trees,  there in The good woods, pointing  in the direction of its solid wind, from  the place I stand, is a little bit boy or girl turtle!  who appreciates no better, he would not  know your hurt, your heart, nor  your increasing despair...I shall acquire  you on the tree: I will explain to you the place!"  (Reported person in his  anger and hate, 'Is that this little one from your  Great Mud Turtle?')(however the aged prophetic  wouldn't replay, and ongoing)):  "As I had been expressing, this baby turtle  is very best for you to uncover, he has the suggests  to stability the earth, although he isn't going to know  this (for he has that endurable shell),  but this will be for yourself, and he, to workout."  But the satisfaction of gentleman was sturdy, like  a lion, and his coronary heart was brimming with anger.  As a result, they hung the previous prophet, where  he stood.... Alas! Weary were being the periods  thereafter.  And it came to go, guy had perished from  the encounter on the earth, and from their graves  all they might see (their corpses, spirits, skeletons,  eyes of ashes, residue), see was: stones, plus much more  stones, brimstones, rubble and dried up rivers  and lakes, and oceans, and also a mud turtle  going for walks together with his son  #2244 (2-9-2008) Prepared in Lima, Peru  La Agonía de la  Gran Tortuga de Barro  (Un Cuento Poético)  I  Una gran tortuga levantó su cabeza  -desde las oscuras pero carmesí entrañas de la tierra-  su cabeza como de piedra  con una larga lengua venenosa colgada  y sus ojos grises profundos en desesperación  miraron fijamente, sólo miraron fijamente.  "Crueles, celosos y egoístas son los hombres",  dijo ella con una sonrisa fallida...  Su cuerpo exterior (su caparazón),  estaba carbonizado por el intenso calor de la tierra.  "¿Cuáles son tus penas?",  preguntó el hombre a esta gigantesca figura.  La Gran Tortuga de Barro respondió:  "No puedo sostener o equilibrar el mundo.  ¡Ya no! Hay demasiado concreto,  calles, edificios, guerras, bombas;  el cambio de equilibrio en todo el mundo,  está rompiendo mi espalda,  está penetrando en mi escondite,  está atormentando mi automobileácter  y no quiero ser obligada a la opresión".  Pero a los hombres en la tierra  no les importaría aunque preguntarían otra vez  ¿Por qué?  II  "El amor no se busca a si mismo para complacer  ni se interesa por si mismo; y yo,  yo te he amado incluso mientras estaba desesperado  (porque la tierra y el hombre están vinculados como uno,  yo, bien, soy sólo una tortuga de barro,  observadora del equilibrio entre el hombre y la tierra,  porque la tierra y yo estamos vinculados,  porque la tierra es lodo y el hombre es tierra,  todos nosotros somos uno)  Bueno, sí-tú ves-te he amado,   

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