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The current conflict on this planet's latest nation, South Sudan, is heartbreaking and despicable. A few several years back, South Sudanese have participated in free and good election. They turnout in exceeding figures and voted with the highest percentage in referendum for separation. That marked the tip of their longest struggle to succeed in independence with the oppressive centralized Khartoum govt.  South Sudanese individuals of any age, from distinct tribes, all celebrated with the earth in that remarkable moment in history. From the country, children had been giggling, women were being ululating and Guys ended up howling, all in celebration. All people took pleasure in that instant mainly because it was a victory attained in peaceful and easy democratic method. It was a fantastic signal of hope for brighter upcoming.  Contrary to most African international locations, South Sudan's independence was not attributed entirely to revolution. Right after a long time of civil wars, there were lots of destruction, lifeless and setbacks but there was no victory. Most significantly, no liberty or independence was realized as a result of war.  Because the accomplishment of South Sudan's independence can not be claimed by any group army or political bash or leaders. South Sudanese have collectively contributed to it as persons's fingerprints are penned throughout it because they voted during the referendum. Once the referendum, people realized they are on the same web page as all of them preferred the exact same thing. Even with their variations, all of them needed peace and flexibility.  By means of democracy, any challenge, big or compact, may be solved without the need of avoidable violence. It is a straightforward confirmed point. South Sudanese felt democracy they usually appreciated it. Prevalent curiosity may be achieved by this process. Democracy is the individuals's best friend however it is worse enemy of politicians who only treatment about their individual political curiosity to achieve or retain power by any mean doable, Particularly the leaders of South Sudan. They use violence to succeed in political ambitions. They may be the foundation leads to of the current crisis from the country.  The political leaders of South Sudan haven't learnt anything at all from setbacks of war. After they have squandering many years inside the brutal and longest civil war in African record, they have got realized absolutely nothing but misplaced soon after shed in many features. The accomplishment of extensive peace agreement as well as democratic election was designed to open their sight to just take off their army uniforms and have on diplomatic fits. They may not alter as they've bounced the state back into A different war.  South Sudanese are killing each other for the two most significant egos while in the place, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Salva may be the President of South Sudan. He has actually been the sole president because independence. Originally, he was President of the Government of Southern Sudan and the main Vp of Sudan, from 2005 to 2011. However, Riek was Salva's vice because 2005. He was fired handful of months in the past from his position by his boss. Riek is presently primary a rebellion from Salva after he has allegedly did not overthrow him by means of coup attempt in on month in the past. Salva and Riek go way back. They have not seen eye to eye. They were founding fathers of the ruling political occasion, the Sudan People today Liberation Motion (SPLM). They ended up greatest position commanders as founders on the evolutional Military, the Sudan People Military (SPLA) For the reason that revolution started off decades back. While They're within the similar political get together and just lately served in the same authorities, They only do not get alongside.  Salva is from Dinka tribe (the biggest tribe from the place) and Riek is from Nuer tribe, (the next biggest tribe from the nation). The rivalry in between both of these tribes has existed due to the fact their existence. There was lingering tribal competition and wrestle for power waiting around being triggered. Dinka individuals are supporting Salva and govt. Nuer people are combat joined Riek and the rebellion. The war has a few Proportions. Fight among Salva and Riek, or government in opposition to rebels, and Dinka versus Nuer. The war would develop into genocide if not stopped as quickly as possible. Salva and Riek manipulate and mislead their army and tribal members for his or her own political objectives. They do not have the most beneficial desire in their folks and do not care about their place. Salva want to stay in electric power by pressure. Riek want to come back in power by drive.  Any political discrepancy may be solved peacefully by tranquil dialogue or totally free and reasonable election. Why will not likely Salva and Riek convey ahead whatever concerns or difference between them to the public or associates of their get together to vote on it?  The discrepancy begun just after Riek was terminated from his precious situation as Vice of Salva. Ironically he is at this time gunning for marketing. Conversely, the conflict escalated immediately after fight began from Salva's presidential guards, his private Military that he has created to guard him from the placement of electric power. The guard is made up primarily of Dinka and Nuer. The Dinka soldiers are faithful to Salva as well as Nuer troopers are loyal to Riek.  They just do not blend when their chief don't get along. The bottom line, both of those leaders want to get one of the most energy by pressure. It is actually own factor for them. They don't treatment regarding their army, tribe or the nation. If Salva cares, he might have invested in setting up Nationwide Guard to guard the citizens of the country and if Riek is better alternative to lead the state, he might have awaited election interval in 2015 to obtain his opportunity.  My concept to the Dinka and Nuer community, along with the persons of South Sudan:  • Prevent supporting this conflict by not buying facet of Salva or Riek. Do not eliminate or die for his or her egos and hunger for electricity. It's not necessarily your war. You'd get practically nothing but reduce every thing from it.  

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